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How to choose the power of your solar panels?

Today’s article is aimed at those who are looking for options to buy a photovoltaic solar panel for your project, for your home… and do not know well what criteria to stick to to make a good choice. We hope you find it useful to work in this profession and to those who like to be informed.

Before all things you must calculate the power that your appliances consume: You

must multiply the power in watt (W) of your device in the case (Time) of use over a day.

Example: A 50 Watt television set on for 3 hours a day consumes 50 x 3 = 150 Wattheure (WH) per day. If you have several equipments, you must repeat the operation and add the total bass (WH).

Important: Your solar panel must produce enough energy daily to supply your electrical appliances.

Each photovoltaic solar panel produces electrical energy thanks to daylight, its value is counted in Watt (W). The average daily insolation time in France is close to 5.

Example: The 30 Watt solar panel produced around 150 WH (30 x 5) a day in France and this all year.

To choose the sufficient power of your solar panels for the consumption of your electrical appliances, you must divide the total energy consumed from your equipment (WH) per day by the number 5.

Example: For our television (50 Watts for 3 hours daily) ) that consumes 150 Wattheure per day: The nominal power of the solar panel must be greater than 30 Watts (150Wh / 5: 00).

We are carrying out a photovoltaic installation, one of the questions that we should ask ourselves is what solar panel do I choose? There are many people in the market and Efimarket wants to help you in this work.

we want to remind you that we recommend the use of high quality products and materials . The use of good materials will always impact on a better performance of your photovoltaic projects and greater satisfaction of your customers.

The final objective of this comparison is to help you in the difficult decision when choosing the photovoltaic module that best suits your needs and those of your photovoltaic project.

In addition to this we will explain that, when choosing solar panels for a solar installation, it is necessary to take into account several aspects, such as quality, warranty, the origin of the product, the type of technology, efficiency, etc. .

We, as distributors of photovoltaic material, always advise our customers that if they are going to buy a photovoltaic solar panel, they always demand that they be shown the TUV Power Controlled certificate of that brand and on behalf of that brand . It is a way to ensure that we are going to pay for a photovoltaic plate that will have, at least, the nominal power that comes in the technical sheet.

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