100 Watt Folding 12V Solar Panel

buy 100 Watt Folding 12V Solar Panel

Choosing natural alternatives that respect the environment entails several added benefits. We tell you the advantages of solar panels , a system that uses the sun’s energy and that is increasingly common among people who want to save money and preserve nature. Solar panels work with renewable energy, that is, from an inexhaustible source of energy such as the light emanating from the sun.

100 Watt Folding 12V Solar Panel

100 Watt Folding Solar Panel

100 Watt Folding 12V Solar Panel

Currently, the electrical consumption of a home is essential for the daily life of a family, we are accustomed to consume electrical energy at all times, almost without realizing it, cell phones, television, stoves, lighting, etc. The problem is that conventional energy sources damage the environment and are considered non-renewable, meaning that at some point they can be exhausted.

At present, there are new ways of generating electricity to satisfy totally, or part of the daily consumption in our home. Solar energy is undoubtedly one of the most convenient alternatives, the benefits of solar panels are many.

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Solar energy in certain places or properties can not replace grid electricity but optimize it, because if you also do bioclimatic spare parts to achieve better use of energy, in addition to saving a lot of kilowatts in the operation of the house. In most countries to a greater or lesser extent you can use solar energy that is free,

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Considerations prior to the installation of solar panels.

To take advantage of the advantages of placing solar panels at home, it is convenient to have some considerations about their installation.

It is important to know the performance we can obtain according to our location, there is a map in which the climatic zones are classified according to the solar radiation or the annual sunshine hours. To capture the maximum solar radiation, we must orient the panels to the south.

It is also necessary to take into account the inclination of the panel that will depend on variables such as use or geographical latitude and a fixed value (18º), which must be added to it, in order to obtain optimum performance.

So we recommend anyone who is thinking about doing their solar installation, to advise correctly and try to know the reason for the differences between prices and returns from one store to another. What is clear is that the radiation that the sun can offer in Spain will always be very similar and miraculous kits will never work, offering very high yields with only a small number of solar panels.