150W off Grid Solar Panel Kit Charging 12V Battery Power Camping Caravan RV

buy 150W off Grid Solar Panel Kit Charging 12V Battery Power Camping Caravan RV

When we are about to buy a photovoltaic solar panel, we look especially at the price, but is the price the most important criterion when choosing a photovoltaic solar module? There are many factors to take into account: manufacturer’s solvency, warranty conditions, references of operation in other facilities, quality in the manufacturing process, certification tests and many more. They are undoubtedly important but often difficult to find out factors. When we want to buy a photovoltaic solar panel we usually look at the price and the technical characteristics. And this is where we must pay special attention to the details to “translate” all that information and know which is relevant to make the decision of which panel to buy.

150W off Grid Solar Panel Kit Charging 12V Battery Power Camping Caravan RV

Solar Charging Battery Camping Caravan

150W off Grid Solar Panel Kit Charging 12V Battery Power Camping Caravan RV

How to choose batteries for solar panels

The main function of batteries for solar panels lies in storing solar energy during the hours with light to be used during the night or for prolonged periods of low light or bad weather. Knowing which battery is suitable for our photovoltaic generation system consists mainly of the one that best suits our needs.

Regardless of its energy storage functions, batteries for solar panels also have the capacity to provide a greater current intensity than that generated by the photovoltaic system during daylight hours.

Just as each battery is different, the capacity of accumulation of energy in a device depends on the speed of discharge of the same: the longer there is in the discharge, the greater the amount of energy that the solar battery will generate.

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What is important to know to choose your solar kit?

The main factor that must be taken into account is to know what will be the REAL performance that a certain solar kit that we will find in the market will provide.

For example, you can find kits of 24V daily use and with only 6 solar panels which are misleadingly indicated to offer performances of for example 12,000 watts (W). The deception lies in the fact that these kits can generate that energy but it will only be a couple of months and in summer, and calculated in the area of ​​most radiation in the peninsula: Almeria. Which will mean that its use in other places will offer a lower result. In addition, the batteries of these kits will have been dimensioned for the energy generated by the plates in winter, therefore they will never be able to store the 12,000 watts generated in summer. That is, they will have batteries of 400Ah instead of 800Ah that would be necessary to accumulate 12,000 W.

We have detected this fact in countless stores of the competition. What it means a full-fledged deception for any potential buyer that by good faith or ignorance of the solar sector will not be aware of these facts. In addition, the main consequence of this fact will be that the customer will find a kit with a performance much lower than expected. The batteries will be the main element that will support all the weight of the bad sizing, and its useful life will be cut quickly because of that.

In Damia Solar all our solar kits for daily use always indicate the real performance that the kit will have in winter, and more specifically the month of December when there is less solar radiation. For example, the 4500W kit indicates the performance of the kit during this time of year. In addition it has been dimensioned starting from the average solar radiation that can be found in the peninsula, and which is the same as that of Madrid capital.

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Finally, the cogeneration schemes, the current energy reform allows both companies and households to implement systems that are paid alone or generate profitability in the medium and long term, in short we are facing an industry of accelerated growth that offers areas of development to companies that they commit themselves to specialization.