2 -2` x 20` Solar Pool Panel System

buy 2 -2` x 20` Solar Pool Panel System

This may sound futuristic, but the electricity in your home may depend entirely on solar panels. At the beginning it may result in a large investment, but in the long term, opting for solar energy will become a big decision.

2 -2` x 20` Solar Pool Panel System

2` Solar Pool Panel System

2 -2` x 20` Solar Pool Panel System

Maintenance and sustainability

Photovoltaic systems need a lot of maintenance. Since most of the time they are exposed to inclement weather, they need constant care. In case you feel any reduction in efficiency, call a technician immediately. To maintain yourself, clean the glass cover in parts (remove excess dust or pollution that accumulates) with a little water and a soft cloth, it is best to do it every two months. Verify that there are no loose or broken terminals.

How much they cost?

One of the main concerns is the cost of solar panels. Regularly they are not cheap, in Mexico their price varies, you can find them from 3 thousand pesos up to 30 thousand approximately, depending on the size. But the truth is, the expense you will make is worth it since you will only pay once and the benefits will be reflected in your electricity bill, since the consumption is reduced by more than half, if you think it is a good refund for the initial investment.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Solar energy is not only a form of sustainable energy consumption but infinitely renewable – at least until the sun ends without energy within a few billion years. Solar panels require little maintenance, as they do not have mechanical parts that can fail.
One of the disadvantages of solar energy is that it can not be produced at night. Another disadvantage is that these equipment can be expensive at the beginning for many people.

Solar energy has many advantages and has come to stay because there are many benefits for consumers. We must also say that solar panels are very efficient, since they can create energy in a few millimeters, and all this they do in silence, which is beneficial if you have demanding neighbors.

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Solar panels are silent either during installation or use, the same can not be said for other alternatives such as wind or hydraulic energy, and solar panels help to isolate outdoor noise. The installation of solar panels at home every day becomes one of the best alternatives, if you look at the installation of honeycombs as an option you will see that they are the best alternative to save and to take care of the environment.

Considerations prior to the installation of solar panels.

To take advantage of the advantages of placing solar panels at home, it is convenient to have some considerations about their installation.

It is important to know the performance we can obtain according to our location, there is a map in which the climatic zones are classified according to the solar radiation or the annual sunshine hours. To capture the maximum solar radiation, we must orient the panels to the south.

It is also necessary to take into account the inclination of the panel that will depend on variables such as use or geographical latitude and a fixed value (18º), which must be added to it, in order to obtain optimum performance.